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Work in Progress

I wonder if people visit this landing page of mine to ask, why isn't there much of anything here? Quite frankly, I'd love to have more here and share my love for technology, especially web design and management. I am actively involved with other websites and their administration tasks and upkeep that I sometimes neglect to take care and update my own.

But is isn't all about just websites, there are other activities that keep me preoccupied be it volunteering, philanthropic, or just taking care of myself and family. Until then, never fear, I am still here, and I can be reached many ways. I know that it has nearly been two years since I wrote anything on this site. I almost wrote something prior to Christmas, but I felt that it was turning into too much of a blog, not necessarily something that I wanted this site to turn into. Until I can share more in the way of creative works and design, my current portfolio is the best way to view my so called gallery. I have some sites to update before mine, and then I intend to touch it up here. Thanks for your interests and if you need anything in the way of my expertise, please send me an email and I'll be glad to reply!